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Radiant Heat for Cold Hands

Radiant Desktop Heater


Relief is here!

Do you suffer from cold hands? Relief is finally here; Rā-Key, the Radiant Keyboard, Mouse and Desktop Heater is now available for purchase from Amazon. This revolutionary new patented heater was specifically developed for those who suffer from cold hands while using the computer. Many office environments are very cool or cold causing difficulty to those suffering from cold hands due to many diseases or aliments of the hands. This new heater provides heartwarming soothing comfort to both hands without heating up the area.  


Innovative Design

Rã-Key is a Radiant Keyboard, Mouse and Desktop Heater delivering heartwarming comfort and soothing warmth to cold hands while using the keyboard and mouse which is perfect for home or office. The radiant heat is like warmth from the sun to warm those icy cold hands. There are two timer functions for 4 hours or 8 hours or just leave it on as long as you want. This heater provides quiet operation (no fan), and automatic tip-over protection for safety. The unit's smaller size ensures effective, consistent heating without getting in the way, while saving money on heating bills as this unit only uses 400 watts of electricity. The ETL listed radiant heater measures 26.5"L x 7"H x 2" wide and weighs only 3.3 pounds.   



  • Radiant heat warms the hands while working on the computer. 
  • Perfect to warm both hands.
  • Excellent for home or office.
  • Compact, lightweight, and streamline style.
  • 4 hour or 8 hour timer or constant on.
  • Sturdy construction, ETL certified.
  • Energy saving 400 Watts, 110 Volts, 60 Hz. 
  • Quite operation (no fan).
  • Tip-over protection for safety.
  • One year limited warranty.